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Lost for words? How to search online with your smartphone camera

I snap a photo of San Jose City Hall’s transparent dome building, hoping Lens will identify the architect who designed the structure. None of the pins identified the architect — Richard Meier, who also designed the Getty Center in Los Angeles — but I did learn about other transparent dome buildings, such as the Biosphere in Montreal. I took photos of everything from cars and home decor to food, shoes and even my own face. I not only received a list of visually similar objects, but pins with ideas such as recipes, beauty tips and tutorials about how to create a terrarium. When I took a photo of strawberries, Lens showed me recipes for strawberry chia seed jam and a summer berry spinach salad, which was exactly what I was looking for. “It’s more about understanding your intent,” said Jeffrey Harris, a product manager for Pinterest’s visual discovery team. “If you take a photo of a living room, we don’t need to find the exact chairs that you want, but we may notice that you’re into modern taste.” Spending my day visually searching, though, also made me more aware of the subtle differences between objects. And sometimes, I got results I didn’t want. I got beef recipes when I snapped a photo of ground pork. I got pasta recipes higher in the search results when I snapped a photo of spiralized zucchini noodles. And taking a photo of my friend’s earring gave me search results for pendant necklaces.

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It went from there. Talking about different markets, you’ve got Chinese shoes, Swiss watches and local deals in Miami and Chicago. You're also one of the first athletes to get an Amazon bundle, where they’ve put several of your products in one place. At the same time, Amazon’s paying $50 million to stream NFL games. How do you see the future of Amazon and online business? Well, that’s the good thing about it -- I think I met with them for the first time last summer, and I never thought we’d be where we are today. Obviously, they’re a big juggernaut right now, and when I got word that they wanted to do things with us, it was so cool. To sit here and say, "Dang, I got my own store on Amazon," just proves you never know what is next. So my whole thing is to keep building a relationship, see what’s working and what you can learn from it, and move forward from there. But Amazon -- they’re amazing. You know, in this world today where everything has gone to commerce online, they are the big players. To have what we always wanted -- a one-stop shop for the Wade brand, because we have so many things all over the place -- is kind of cool, and to have the juggernauts in bed with it.

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